Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Words of clarity on Misted Glass

Words drip ripples on sliding doors
vicarious eyes & bent lines meet upon the floor
5 walls & 10 sighs crawl up washed jaws
While bittersweet aches queue up for more

Your word's dilute meaning trickles out over teeth
Sweetness unsafe, around secrets beneath
Who would have thought it'd be so succint?
When you stalked the halls and discovered it linked?

The hidden agenda of musketeers seem to unwind
as the earrings of the hearing pierce the membrane of the mind
And so do you with the vacuous affection of the kind
of animal you aspire to, these meetings have been timed.

True intrigue must be extracted, you've seen only skin.
Your constant mouth-machining means you'll never begin
And sorry to disappoint, this is not about you
You'll spend all night deciphering, & you wont have a clue.

By Jade Abbott

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