Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to play a C Major Arpeggio in binary and make it cute?

Finally, my first blog post. 'Bout bloody time!

I've literally been stuck on NAMING the blog for about 6 months. I eventually just decided to shove in any old name and get something going. By the time anyone reads it I probably would have changed it 4 or 5 times ;)

So why blog now? What actually happened was that I had to study for my Software Engineering Exam next week and I just couldn't look at the textbook without throwing up. It's amazing what the art of procrastination inspires.

Here is to brief introductions: I'm a music-lovin', party-freak, ultra-geek, bass-slappin, short-skirted, lolgasming, friendly nerd girl with too many opinions for her own good!

I intend to use this place for:

- Music Reviews - especially the local stuff
- My endless opinions about the state of the local music scene
- Coding & technology chats and tutorials ( Mostly java & c++)
- Geekette culture ( geek girls ftw =] )
- My strong opinions about life, the universe & everything!
- Stuff I think is just awesome.


That's enough for a first blog post I feel?

Rock on


  1. Wait a minute...
    I feel robbed not knowing how to play a C minor arpeggio in binary?!

    They're stuck on C major's here in the library. O.o