Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Hate Everything!

My first geeky post. Took long enough. I'm just going to rant about the current frustration my geekness has caused me!

For my studies (3rd Year Bsc Comp Sci, for those who dont know), we have to complete this software engineering year project. Now, I won't bore you with details but anyone with a small coding background might find our project quite interesting.

Firstly, we have to interface computers with the Nintendo Wiimotes. (bane of my existence!)
Secondly, we have to create what they call a SOFTWARE VISUALIZATION from any (java) project specified by the user (ie create a graphical representation of one's code)
And lastly, we need to beable to navigate that through the visualization by using the Wiimotes.

All this results in a intuitive, multiuser, code-review tool!
Ok... so the idea is a bit obscure? But if you've had some programming background you'll know how tedious it is scrolling through lines and lines of code trying to find a single method or attribute. This system is going to aid that by representing a number of software metrics in the visualization
I invented our own metaphor for this software visualization which I'll go into detail another time. But fact of the matter is, it's gonna look pretty awesome. ... If we EVER get there.

We've spent months designing this system. We started coding last week and ALREADY we have a number of issues... GAH! It's these times I seriously question my choice of study.

Something that should have been seemingly simple: the BLUETOOTH connection between the WIimote and the computer system.
-.- Apparently not!
We've been struggling for 3 months with our prototype trying to get this stupid software to recognise the bluetooth dongle correctly and use the correct drivers. In the process we had to learn about the intricate working of what is known as the Bluetooth Stack. /* screams from background */
Here is a diagram of all the protocols that go into the workings of a bluetooth device

Our problem is occuring at the L2CAP level. -.- which is sitting BEYOND OUR CONTROL in between loads of other layers.
We've reinstalled software, drivers, bought new dongles, run on different operating systems and messed around in build scripts and still NOTHING will work. We've gotten a series of errors, none of which we can solve and every step forward leads to another wrist-slitting error. And no-one else seems to be having this problem! AAAAAH! I hate everything!

As a quick aside I need to introduce you to our mascot:

This is the I Hate Everything Kitten. The I hate everything Kitten epitomises mine & my team's outlook during times like these. I Hate Everything Kitten reminds us to not expect anything out of life. It also reminds us to maintain upmost cynicism with things like these and not expect sudden error-resolvement. I Hate Everything Kitten reminds us to close our eyes and cringe everytime we attempt to run our program! I Hate Everything Kitten reminds us that that only way we can feel satisfaction is through other's failure.

Thank you I Hate Everything Kitten. You teach us that it is better to be unhappy but alive, instead of at peace and dead... and in this way we are satisfied!

Enough of that.

I've also just had to redesign half th system. Which is a nightmare!
Apparently one either feel's awesome or shite at full moon. Full moon last night and I feel shocking >.< bleh!
But yea. I have to go get ready for a gig! Lets hope that works out a little better.

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