Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's 1 o clock on a Tuesday morning! A perfect time to blog I feel :)

So where was I? O yes. Complaining about metal. Probably time to talk about the good parts about this country's music scene.

Indie! By "indie" I dont mean the genre, I mean the label type. Self managed, self signed/unsigned bands who work with independant designers and organisers and create quality music, throw quality shows at worthy venues. I'm talking about Isochronous, Voodoo Child, The City is the Desert (In Disguise) & Black Pimpin' Jesus (To mention a few).

Why is it that these bands are surrounded by a sense of quality?

The City is the Desert released their EP in the form of a DVD with a badge, sticker, music video, photos, a note & the infamous 'secrets'. Not only this but the entire cover was handcrafted by the members themselves. Even better: R25.00. The music is original and they have the most mindblowing live show I've ever seen! Honestly the best deal ever. They not doing it cause they're cheap either - they're doing it to get their music out there.

Isochronous. Well... need I say more? They just put on a stunning tour for their acoustic album. Creative & beautiful. And are also planning to release a DVD. They play regularly at the countries best venues and bring it everytime. They've made so much of an impact to my life and others. Tomorrow they are doing a show with a band called Blak Travellers. Iso Travellers. The work they are doing to bridge the racial awkwardness that exists in this part of time, is just awesome =]

Each of these indie bands take time in their production, presentation and show. They name a price and are paid for their work. And best of all - they EVOLVE! Like I said, the metal industry has been stagnant for 5 years at least. These bands are constantly growing and evolving their sound with each new set.

From prog rock to post-hardcore to electro to rock 'n' roll... whatever the genre - Independant is totally the way to go.

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