Friday, October 1, 2010

Just like the space inbetween

So it's been an entire semester since my last blog post.
I decided to blog today because tonight we are celebrating my 21st Birthday and since this is a relatively important event and I should be running about stressing about my hair and nails, I decided writing a blog post would be more constructive.

I've thought up a number of possible things I could blog about today. I could blog about the latest uprising in progressive music, I could talk about my current studies, I could talk about my latest life experiences, or I could perhaps reveal one of my poems.

Instead I'm going to talk about the flow of consciousness & the strength of the creative urge.

"Just like the space inbetween" is the name of this post.
It came to me yesterday. For some reason it kept repeating in my mind. For the rest of the day, as soon as I took a look at my Security in Computing text book I was immediately reminded of the it. I can't identify it's origin, and I'm yet to work out what is just like the space in between. The mystery of creativity and the mystery of one's memory. So I decided to run a little experiment.

Where is the first place to start when you don't know where something comes from?
Google It!

Two notable things appeared:

A song by a band called How to Destroy Angels.
Very dark and stunning track. Here are the lyrics

All the blood lying on the floor
Sense the crowd expecting something more
Opened up, proudly on display
What we tried so hard to hide away

Blinding light illuminates the scene
Trying to fill the spaces in between

Arms entwined in a final pose
Narrative drawing to a close
Still remain the things we couldn't kill
In your eyes I can see it still

How we choose the framing of the scene
Hate begins to spill across the screen
Blinding light illuminates the scene
Trying to fill the spaces in between

It seems to be about a Murder Scene - where the killer is obsessed with his own theatrical nature of his killings. Perhaps the death of a model. Whatever. I like the song a lot. Thank you random thought! I may have discovereda new band.

Secondly we have,
The Subtitle is: “…that accident which pricks me (but also bruises me, is poignant to me).”
It turns out it is a blog of a Ms Stacy Oborn. She is a photographer and a writer and her writing is gorgeous: "This space is the pre-verbal second draft of my interior monologue" she says in the preface. I'm still sifting through her words but am so far fascinated...

As I delved deeper into the hidden cracks of Google's web-crawled knowledge, things started to get a bit weird....
I discovered a load of tosh about Astrology, Sacred Geometry and Matrix Energies and the sort of garbage which I just don't have the time for. What frightened me the most were the strange art movements:
Not to mention some odd blogs:

There is a also DMB Song called The Spaces Between. Hmmmm...

Still I was no closer to working out WHAT these spaces were and what they were between and what was just like them. Something familiar was shouting in my head.
I decided to look back into my writings from a young age. This took me back about 10 years ago... And since it is my 21st Celebration today I realise how much I have changed since then. What I am now were the dreams of what I wanted to be.

Page after page, drawing after drawing and I was yet to find these spaces.
I was reading the last page of a green covered book which was falling apart I'd paged through it so man times in my younger days and I found a snippet of writing, a poem I suppose:

Waiting by the Glass Window

I'm the lost face on a moving train
The tear drop falling with the rain
The spaces between in an empty frame
A 7th dice after the gambling game

I'm waiting by the window
on this train to nowhere
Waiting by the window
where glass tears trickle down my face

By Jade.

So these spaces, were in between the sides of a photoframe?
Just pure sadness. This poem is a good example of what I call my grey side. The quiet sad girl that I used to be.

So what was just like the space in between the photoframe? Why did that occur to me yesterday....
I'm still working on that, but I have my suspicions...
As for empty photoframes I think they could be a positive thing... still waiting to be filled with experiences. The only photo's I see now are on facebook so a photo frame would be a refreshing change.

Now to go do some planning for my 21st and worry about my nails and hair. :) Hopefully next post will be soon

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