Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trinkets from the past

Throughout my childhood I documented my life in some form or another. I have a million books which I have filled with stories, discoveries, essays, arguments, drawings & songs. So now I'm going to start a trip back into past Jade. I've been documenting my life for 11 years (I dated it! Yes). Every now and again I'm going to post an entry from past Jade. Looking back certainly has been a fascinating experience.

Here is a light-hearted, young and inspired piece. I must have been around 13 years old at the time. Quite sweet I think

The Cheat

In the beginning no-one could read her
Her eyes wore an empty frame
Cold stones then lit up in heat
And are now are billowing flame!

Not only in her eyes can you see
but upon her lips as well
Though her lips spoke not a word
Through her pout, one could tell.

Red lips glaring such teeth
In this slight fashion
Anger shown in red & white
The ultimate fury of passion.

A new fire burned off her
With strength that all could feel
For love, killed by betrayal
Creates a hell that'll make one keel.

She stormed across the room
to the one she loved.
She made all hold their breath
as she removed her silk glove.

For under that cloth was no longer a hand
but another burning fire.
All eyes watched her flame
As she played out her hearts desire.


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